Kamasan B800

Kamasan B800 Classic Trout Lure Extra Long Fly Tying Hooks


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Product Description

Genuine Kamasan B800 Classic Trout Lure Extra Long Hooks supplied within the Kamasan packaging shown in the picture.

Pack of 25

The B800 is the classic trout lure hook featuring an extra long 4x shank.
It features a turn down eye and has the classic bronzed finish.

Why Kamasan Hooks?

Kamasan hooks are regarded by many Fly Tiers as the best available. Why? Each Kamasan hook is made from high carbon steel and chemically etched to create the sharp point. The hooks are then treated to a double bronze finish to prevent the hook from rusting, even if it is stored wet. Made in Japan, Kamasan hooks are extremely strong and are made in a variety of shapes that are perfect for the fly tyer.