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Veniard Bug Bond UV Resin


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Veniard Bug Bond Resin

BUG-BOND™ Original: with the viscosity of a “runny honey” Original is the “go to” material for the general fly tyer. If you’ve never experienced light cured acrylics before, then this material should be the top of your shopping list… from shell backs or surf candies to buzzers. Use this material and you’ll wonder why you ever used epoxy or solvent based products.

BUG-BOND™ Lite: this material is much less viscous than Original and is close to a watery consistency or that of light engineering oil. Lite can be used to secure thread or bucktail part way through a tie to allow you to continue tying without building up a profile or use it as a varnish replacement. Use Lite alongside the BUG-BOND™ Professional UV Light for the finer applications.

It is commonly reported in the angling press and on line that fly tyers occasionally have problems when using this product
If this product fails to harden after you have applied the UV torch this is because the torch needs new batteries. Its a simple cure