Veniard Glo Brite Fly Tying Floss
Glo Brite No1 Neon MagentaGlo Brite No2Glo Brite No3Glo Brite No4Glo Brite No5Glo Brite No6Glo Brite No7Glo Brite No8Glo Brite No9Glo Brite No10Glo Brite No11Glo Brite No12Glo Brite No13Glo Brite No14Glo Brite No15Glo Brite No16

Veniard Glo Brite Floss/Yarn


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Product Description

Veniard Glo-Brite Floss is a superbright, colourfast floss which comes in 16 fluorescent colours on 25yd spools.

Used on many different fly tying patterns this is a truly versatile and quality product.

Available in a number of colours:
No.1 Neon Magenta
No.2 Pink
No.3 Crimson
No.4 Scarlet
No.5 Fire Orange
No.6 Hot Orange
No.7 Orange
No.8 Amber
No.9 Chrome Yellow
No.10 Yellow
No.11 Phosphor Yellow
No.12 Lime Green
No.13 Green
No.14 Blue
No.15 Purple
No.16 White