Krystal Flash
krystal flash

Veniard Krystal Flash Sparkle Wing Material


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Product Description

Veniard Krystal Flash is the original synthetic sparkle winging material.

It features a highly reflective, corrugated finish giving added movement and flash to any fly.

Its fibres reflect light like no other material.

Just a few strands added to a wing or a tail give an irresistible effect.

Packed in a resealable sleeve, the strands are approx 25 cms, (10 ins) lon­g.

High quality as you would expect from any Veniard fly tying product.

Available in a number of colours:
– Copper
– Pink
– UV Pink
– Purple
– Lime
– Fluorescent Orange
– Olive
– Rainbow
– Red
– Fluorescent Yellow
– Gold
– Pearl
– UV Pearl
– Peacock
– Silver
– Black