Veniard Fly Tying Turkey Marabou Feathers
Golden Olive Veniard MarabouClaret Veniard MarabouDark Claret Veniard MarabouPeach Veniard Turkey MarabouCrimson Veniard Turkey ,arabouChartreuse Veniard Turkey MarabouFl Green Veniard Turkey MarabouMedium Olive Veniard Turkey MarabouBlack Veniard Turkey MarabouTeal Blue Veniard Turkey MarabouOrange Veniard Turkey MarabouFl Orange Veniard Turkey MarabouFl Red Veniard Turkey MarabouSunburst Veniard Turkey MarabouFl Yellow Veniard Turkey MarabouFl Pink Veniard Turkey MarabouBleached White Veniard MarabouHot Orange Veniard Turkey MarabouCoral Veniard Turkey MarabouBrown Veniard Turkeu MarabouLight Olive Veniard Turkey MarabouAmber Veniard Turkey MarabouVeniard Marabou Fiery Brown

Veniard Turkey Marabou Feathers


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Product Description

Veniard turkey marabou feathers are a commonly used material in fly tying.

Please note that all feathers are supplied in a “Veniard” packet with exception of Amber and Flourescent Yellow which are in a self seal bag, for some reason these are coming through without the Veniard packet.

High quality as you would expect from any Veniard fly tying product.

Available in a number of colours:
– Amber
– Black
– Fiery Brown
– Teal Blue
– Brown
– Claret
– Dark Claret
– Coral
– Crimson
– Fluorescent Green
– Golden Olive
– Medium Olive
– Light Olive
– Orange
– Fluorescent Orange
– Hot Orange
– Peach
– Fluorescent Pink
– Red
– Blood Red
– Fluorescent Red
– Sunburst
– Bleached White
– Fluorescent Yellow
– Chartreuse Yellow