Wapsi Thin Skin
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Wapsi Thin Skin


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Product Description

Wapsi Thin Skin is a vital fly tying material for wing cases and nymph backs.

Wapsi Thin Skin is a stretchable thin plastic film, great for use on a wide variety of fly patterns. Thin Skin is excellent for wing cases on nymphs and backs on Czech Nymphs.  Also excellent for sow bugs as well as shells on crayfish and shrimp patterns. This material can be used on flies down to and past size 18. Wapsi Thin Skin comes on a backing making it easy to cut. The solid colours feature opaque colouring with a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other. The speckled colours are translucent with opaque pattern.

Each package contains one piece of Wapsi Thin Skin measuring 7″ x 2″

Available in a number of colours